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How do I activate Avada theme in WordPress

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Activating the Avada Theme within WordPress

As one of the most popular premium WordPress themes for building professional websites, Avada grants extensive design customization and site management capabilities unmatched among lesser alternatives.

However, to unlock its full suite of 200+ content blocks, drag-drop page builder, responsive templates, and integrated plugins, properly [activating Avada theme in WordPress] remains an essential first step after purchase users must complete before benefits fully materialize.

This guide will walk through the required steps, best practices, and helpful tips for seamlessly installing and activating the robust Avada theme within your WordPress dashboard to launch a polished platform fueling engagement and results quickly using the web’s #1 user-first framework.

Let’s jump in unveiling the straightforward process of welcoming Avada’s site speed and security superpowers onto your property through proven activation techniques.

Purchasing an Avada Theme Plan

Obviously before activation, you’ll first need to purchase an appropriate Avada theme suite plan from ThemeForest matching project needs and budget. Choose from options like:

💎 Single site

💎 Developer

💎 Multisite

💎 Business XL

Pricing ranges between $60 for personal sites up to enterprise deals above $1,000 for maximum capability warranting the premium given abundant template design aesthetics plus built-in tools amplifying plugin functionality all streamlining workflow. Avada’s value prop showcases why popularity persists.

After checkout, your ThemeForest account dashboard will populate with Avada theme download access under “Downloads” revealing critical installation files mandatory for the next [activation steps in WordPress].

Downloading Avada Theme ZIP Files

As outlined within your ThemeForest purchase confirmation, you must first download Avada’s theme ZIP folder containing every theme file requirement before installing anything in WordPress directly.

Here’s how to securely access files after buying:

1️⃣ Revisit the ThemeForest account

2️⃣ Access the “Downloads” section

3️⃣ Locate Avada purchase

4️⃣ Click the blue “Download” button Beside the primary theme asset

5️⃣ Save .ZIP folder into your computer locally

This compressed ZIP archive contains 100% necessary Avada files to insert into WordPress preparations before completing remote CDN asset connections culminating fully unified functioning theme perceptibly recognizable refining into your brand.

Uploading Avada Theme into WordPress

Welcome to the actual Avada theme activation process commanding tools’ attention! With the downloaded local ZIP file secured, navigate within the WordPress dashboard toward:

➡️ Appearance > Themes > Add New

Next perform:

1️⃣ Click “Upload Theme” button

2️⃣ Select the saved Avada ZIP folder

3️⃣ Click “Install Now” to initiate the unpacking procedure

4️⃣ Wait until the upload progress finishes fully

This uploads and unpacks the Avada theme components from the ZIP archive into your WordPress content management system hosted remotely necessary before completing [activation in WordPress].

Activating Avada Theme for Use

The final step after uploading Avada theme files successfully queues activating software for use through your WordPress site.

Simply click “Activate” initializing Avada theme functionality sitewide. This triggers first-time initialization directing plugin downloads establishing necessary backend supporting architecture.

Depending on initial server specifications and asset availability, setup processes require a few minutes. Once Avada becomes available issuing WordPress admin notification confirmation similar installations completed.

Next begin tailoring settings, layouts, and content modules manifesting amazing experiences awaited through Avada’s unequaled theming toolbox elevating WordPress beyond limitations once imposed without such elite access now granted. Welcome possibilities abound!

Checking Avada Theme Activation

Before rushing into website customization, ensure proper stable theme activation is completed error-free by:

1️⃣ Returning site frontend end where changes visible

2️⃣ Confirm the default Avada template set

3️⃣ Check for styling or image issues

4️⃣ If issues persist, restart activation

Ideally, default Avada demo content renders across site pages confirming back frontend and backend systems communicate accurately. Core theme architecture established.

Troubleshooting Errors

Should issues interrupt the seamless activation process, repeated attempts often remedy troubles restoring smooth function through simply re-uploading Avada files from ZIP files and then reactivating the theme triggering reinitialization and managing quirks.

Additionally, selecting alternate starter templates avoids further conflicts potentially related to isolated faulty demo content assets remaining which rebooting clears automatically. Contact Avada technical support directly for manual assistance if abnormalities recur blocking progress.

Optimizing Avada Theme Performance

Even after affirming flawless default Avada theme activation, best practices recommend tweaking key performance-oriented settings ensuring assets load efficiently across all visitors.

Recommendations call disabling unneeded feature groups via:

➡️ Admin dashboard > System Status > Resources

Review options mindfully retaining only essentials matching project goals balancing speed and functionality. For most implementers Fusion Builder, theme updates, and basic analytics prove sufficient.

Explore additional performance configurations possible through:

➡️ Admin dashboard > Performance

Avada’s built-in control panes guarantee you customize WordPress deployment stopping short of third-party plugin necessity. Master these tools wielding abilities competitive sites utterly lack natively!

Congratulations on Your New Avada Theme!

With Avada fully uploaded, activated, and optimized using the precise sequence outlined through each step, the auditing warn site is blessed with the most versatile WordPress theming kit commercially available empowering instantly revamped flexible page building boasting optimizations inaccessible to lesser competitors.

Now set sights beyond templating integrating high-performance add-ons like Sliders, Popups, and Interactive Cards blending visual engagement. Welcome possibilities abound thanks to establishing a sturdy foundation via proper [Avada theme activation in WordPress]. Go forth conquering newfound power!

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