Is Anushka Sharma leaving acting because of Kohli?

Is Anushka Sharma leaving acting because of Kohli?

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has disappeared from the film screen since the release of Ziro. He has not signed any new project too. In such a scenario, all rumors related to Anushka Sharma’s film career are also coming up. It is also said in media reports that Anushka is planning to leave Bollywood. And behind this is Virat Kohli. Some rumors also revealed that the actress was pregnant.

According to the news of OTV, Anushka is intent on leaving the act when Virat Kohli is asked. Virat Kohli wants Anushka Sharma to give her maximum time to the family. As far as pregnancy is concerned, Anushka has already told it to be a rumor.

These days, Anushka Sharma is rarely seen in film events or parties. They are mostly seen with Virat Kohli on the holiday or in the cricket tournament, encouraging husband’s wife.

At present Aniska does not have any official information about the production of a new film project. But in media reports, Shekhar Kapoor’s water and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Anonymous film is discussed in Anushka’s work. But it has not been confirmed by the actress and makers. There is the talk of Anupka Sharma’s work in Navdeep Singh’s Kanada too.

Is Anushka Sharma leaving acting because of Kohli?

On the one hand, the actress working with Anushka Sharma is full of films. There are fantastic projects near Land Pedenekar, Tapi Pannu, Alia Bhatt, Katrina Kaif, Kangna Ranaut, Deepika Padukone.

Anushka with Virat Kohli was married in December 2017. Anushka’s fairy, Sanju, Sui thread and Zero were released after marriage. All these projects were already signed by Anushka.

There are reports that Anushka Sharma is taking a short break from her film career. Its special purpose is to spend time with husband Virat Kohli. Anyway, the World Cup is going to start. Anushka Sharma wants to support her husband in such a way. So he has kept film projects for a while on Hold.

Anushka Sharma is also a production house, in which she made Pari, Phillauri, and NH10. In the production house and other business ventures, there is the talk of Anushka being busy. At the moment, the actors who quit acting will be considered rumors. Anushka Sharma has taken a break from Bollywood or Bollywood is called by-bay, it will be revealed by the attitude of the actress after the World Cup 2019 is over.

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