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How To Use avada theme Container Element

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Avada is one of the most versatile WordPress themes for building professional websites. With its advanced drag-and-drop page builder, you get incredible design flexibility for crafting custom layouts. One of the most useful page builder elements is the Container element.

In this post, I’ll explain what the Avada Container is, why it’s beneficial, and give a step-by-step tutorial on leveraging it to create optimized site content. Read on to boost your Avada skills!

What Is The Container Element?

The Container element provides an adjustable wrapping box to house other content elements on a page. By toggling Container settings, you can:

  • Set background colors and borders
  • Apply padding and margins
  • Enable responsiveness
  • Adjust width
  • And more

Essentially it’s a flexible container to organize columns, images, text, and other elements into clean sections on a page.

For example, you may add a Container then insert a row with three columns inside it for a services section. The surrounding Container makes for seamless styling and responsiveness.

Why Use The Avada Container Element?

Unlike basic themes, Avada gives expansive control over page structure and layouts. The Container element facilitates this in a few ways:

  • Quick Styling: Instead of custom CSS, easily style containers via settings like background, borders, spacing colors, etc.
  • Responsiveness: Set containers and contents to adjust across device sizes for mobile designs.
  • Organization: Group elements together in containers to assemble page sections logically.
  • Conversion Focus: Use containers to draw attention to high-priority content.

The flexibility and customizations possible with the Avada Container open new doors for optimizing pages.

How To Add a Container In Avada

Let’s walk through using the Avada Container element in the page builder for optimal use:

  1. Edit Page And Enable Builder

Pull up any page in the WordPress editor and toggle to the Avada Builder editor to unlock page builder functionality. This displays a more advanced editing interface.

  1. Insert New Container

Click the plus icon to open elements and select Container. This adds a container box to the editable content area.

  1. Open Container Settings

The Container has an advanced settings panel similar to rows and columns. Click directly on the container to open its options.

  1. Adjust Width

Within Container settings, the first tab is Width and Spacing. Here you can set:

  • Overall width
  • Max width
  • Inner width
  • Other dimensions

Use these fields to size the Container appropriately.

  1. Add Styles

Navigate to the Design tab next. This lets you customize:

  • Padding/margins
  • Border size, color, and styling
  • Background color or image
  • Box Shadow
  • And more

Choose settings to achieve the exact styling needs.

  1. Make It Responsive

Toggle options on to enable responsiveness for adjusting across device sizes like:

  • Auto width
  • Alignment
  • Content Visibility

Now the Container changes shape dynamically.

  1. Add Inner Content

Back on the front-end editor, insert other page builder elements like images, text, columns, etc inside the Container. Style and organize as desired!

The Avada Container element streamlines applying custom styling treatments and controlling page layouts. Use it liberally when building landing pages, homepages, about sections, contact forms, and more.

Get The Power Of Avada On Your Sites

Now that you know the immense layout benefits the Avada Container element provides, consider exploring the full theme for your WordPress site-building needs.

As one of the most popular premium themes ever, Avada gives professionals an advanced toolset for creating beautiful, conversion-focused websites at lightning speed.

Benefit from:

🎯 40+ professionally designed starter sites

🔥 Drag-and-drop page builder with 50+ elements

✨ 500+ pre-made templates to edit

💎 WooCommerce shop integration

⚡️ Easy customizations and white labeling

📱 Fully responsive designs

The features and flexibility are unmatched. With a thriving user community and regular updates, Avada continues to get better all the time!

Click here to purchase Avada now with a 20% discount using my exclusive promo link.

Let me know if you have any other questions about using the Container element or customizing Avada designs overall!