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avada theme how to remove author link

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The versatile Avada theme enables powering all types of websites with its flexible designs. However, you may want to tweak small template components on occasion. For example, removing the fixed author link from displaying under blog posts helps streamline pages. Thankfully, Avada allows easily disabling the author tag via the built-in customization settings.

Why Disable Avada’s Author Link?

Before diving into exactly how to remove the author link from Avada, let’s explore a few reasons why you may want to hide this post metadata in the first place:

Streamlined Design Aesthetic – The author’s link clutter beneath titles on blog, news, and archives pages interrupts the visual flow. Hiding it creates a cleaner appearance.

Shift Focus to Content – Removing extraneous information like the author’s URL further emphasizes the actual post content itself for readers.

Disable Unnecessary Links – Eliminating unused links helps with site speed and accessibility. If you don’t actually utilize author archives, strip this link out.

Personalize Byline Override – Manually replacing the author link with your own custom byline adds a more human touch.

For any of these reasons, now let’s get into exactly how to disable this template part with just a couple of clicks.

Access Template Overrides in Avada Theme Options

Avada makes editing small template pieces a breeze via its built-in override settings rather than needing custom code. Here’s how to access where we’ll remove the author link:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the Avada theme options panel.
  2. Select the General tab first to enable template overrides if you have not already. Under “Theme Components” toggle on the option for Component Overrides.
  3. Next choose the Blog tab then scroll down to the Single Post/Page sub-section. Toggle the switch for Enable Overrides which reveals additional settings.

And we’re now ready to modify the author output in this Design tab!

Remove Author Link from Single Posts

Within the Single Post/Page overrides, simply:

  1. Set the Byline Author Avatar switch to the off position to hide the associated author image if displayed.
  2. For the Byline Author Link override, toggle the selector to Hide.

That’s it! Toggling both the avatar and link overrides effectively removes the entire author byline segment from displaying below your titles on individual posts.

The change takes effect immediately site-wide on blog articles, news stories, and any other singular content. Let’s adjust the archives next.

Disable Author URL from Archive Pages

Repeat a similar process to strip the rich snippet author link when multiple posts display on archive-type pages:

  1. Remain within the Single Post/Page overrides section of the Avada blog tab.
  2. Locate the Archive Author Link further down and choose Hide from the selector options.

Now author information disappears from both individual posts and archives like category, tag, date, and search pages!

Bypass Author Removal on Certain Pages

What if you want to hide the author link selectively rather than site-wide? No problem, Avada offers page-specific control too!

  1. Create an alternate Header template override via the Avada options panel. This could be called something like Header – No Author Link.
  2. Copy over the main header content. But under Leave A Reply remove just the Reply Author Link segment.
  3. Assign this custom header without an author link only to specific pages you wish to hide it. Leave the default header everywhere else.

This bypasses the global override to selectively render author information on designated pages.

Replace With Custom Byline Text

Rather than just removing the author line entirely, you can also swap it out for your own custom text.

  1. Create a Byline Author Link override within the Avada Blog settings.
  2. Enter any text you want displayed instead such as “Posted by [Your Name]” or your tagline.
  3. This replaces the dynamic author link with static text in its place.

So instead of removing with a blank gap, you can insert your own branded authorship tag. Get creative! 😊

Troubleshooting Author Overrides

Avada makes removing the default author link seamless. But just in case, here are some potential troubleshooting tips:

  • Double-check override settings are enabled in the primary Avada & Blog options tabs first
  • Be sure changes publish successfully if using Avada’s Fusion Builder Live setting
  • Test previewing posts before assuming changes applied (live sites sometimes cache)
  • Try disabling Avada’s server-side caching temporarily to verify author hidden

Outside of the above, Avada’s template overrides work quite reliably for fine-tuning small pieces like the author line formatting.


While the Avada theme outputs an author link on posts by default, the template tag clutters up the design in some situations. Thankfully no custom coding ever gets necessary! Quickly accessing the override settings via the intuitive Avada options panel allows disabling the author URL site-wide or on specific pages.

You can even take further control by replacing it with your own custom text in its place for added personalization. So don’t settle for the rigid default output. Tailor your Avada site’s post footers exactly how you prefer with just easy toggle adjustments!

Let me know if any other questions come up on how to remove the author link or further adapt Avada’s blog layouts to your needs!