Birthday Special Aamir Khan

Birthday Special Aamir Khan

A famous film actor, director, producer and writer, Aamir Khan, is celebrating his 54th birthday today in the name of Mr. Perfectionist in Hindi cinema. Aamir Khan has a different identity than the crowd of stars in Bollywood. His films, which are released after a long interval, come as a big saugha for his fancy. But Aamir also works hard to live up to his fans’ expectations.

If talking about his specialty on the birthday of Aamir, then maybe the day falls short. But now, turning his long journey into this movie, one thing that touches the heart is one of them, many of them get up Amir specializes in making changes to his body, hairstyle, skin, body, according to his every character. If we call them Bollywood’s Purulia, then it will not be wrong. Let’s take a look at Aamir’s birthday on some of his most discussed characters.

‘Ghajini’ forgot everything

First of all, we talk about the movie in which the name of the movie was named after Villain. ‘Ghajini’ is the same movie in which Amir changed the fashion statement from her tattoo on her body and with a mark on her head. Even today, this film is a favorite of Aamir’s fans.

Birthday Special Aamir Khan

Mangal Pandey’s Yalgar

In the film, Aamir played Mangal Pandey. The raging mustache of Aamir and the frustration floating in the eyes was really able to take people into the war of independence.

The naivete of Bhawan of Lagaan

In the film ‘Lagaan’, Aamir plays Bhuvan In this character, Amir went to such a rakhabas that he really grew up in a poor farmer’s house. The naivete of Bhuvan is still successful in winning the hearts of all.

When came ‘PK’

The film ‘PK’ had picked up a discussion among people with its poster release. In this, Aamir Khan was seen as a big-ear alien. In ‘PK’, Aamir became such a thing in the eyes of every audience.

Policeman’s ‘looking’ role

Aamir Khan was in the role of a police inspector in ‘seek’, before that he had been seen in the role of a police officer in ‘Sarfarosh’. But in both roles, Aamir also maintained a difference between an officer and an inspector.

Head music director

Aamir played the role of a prominent music director in ‘Secret Superstar’. His role was very much appreciated.

Old wrestler of ‘riot’

Amir changed his body for the role of Mahavir Phogat, father of Foghat sisters in ‘Dangal’. Aamir had weighed nearly 100 kg.

‘Firangi’ was also special

Aamir played Firangi in Aamir’s film ‘Thugs of Hindostan’ in the past year. Riding the ass with it, the film did not go well, but Aamir’s look remained in the discussion.

Aamir has done so much variety in his roles as hardly any actor has done in Bollywood. It will not be wrong to say that Aamir likes to cross any limit for his audience. While congratulating Aamir on his birthday we hope he will soon bring a big surprise to us.

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