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Can I use Avada theme on multiple websites

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As one of the most versatile drag-and-drop themes for WordPress available today, Avada powers over 925,000 amazing websites globally. With incredible flexibility packed into a single toolkit, many agency owners and developers wonder – can I use Avada theme on multiple websites?

The good news is Avada can indeed be utilized on unlimited websites. However, there are certain licensing conditions applied to properly use Avada legally on multiple properties. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know regarding using the phenomenal Avada theme across an unlimited number of websites.

Avada’s Flexible Licensing Tiers

While single-site usage is supported, Avada really shines for agency owners, freelancers, and companies managing multiple websites. Developers can pick from a range of flexible multi-site licensing tiers based on needs.

The standout unlimited option is Avada’s Developer Access permit. Priced at $349, this empowers deploying Avada on an unlimited number of client websites without worrying about per-site counts.

For smaller needs, 5-site and 15-site licenses are also available starting from just $139. Beyond these, even bigger Business plans exist for large organizations and enterprise usage.

Clearly, Avada’s pricing fully accommodates applying this theme across as many active installs as your projects demand, with suitable license tiers aligned to usage scale.

Compliant Legal Usage of Avada on Multiple Sites

Now that the ability to use Avada on unlimited websites is covered, the next important thing is using the theme in a 100% legally compliant manner.

Avada’s licensing strictly mandates creating live website instances only up to the number covered under your purchased tier. Plus you must be the exclusive developer/agent building those sites on clients’ behalf.

For example, the 15-site permit means you can code and launch Avada sites for 15 different end clients max. But assisting fellow sub-contractors through reselling/transferring licenses is prohibited.

This means being crystal clear whom you are building Avada sites for and tracking your count for compliance. Thankfully, the unlimited Developer Access makes this far easier by removing such constraints!

Tips for Hassle-Free Management of Multiple Avada Sites

While licenses cater extensively to using the Avada theme across an endless number of websites, intelligently managing implementation for each one is vital too for maintaining sanity!

Here are pro tips to set up and Update Avada sites flawlessly:

  • Adjust settings like colors, logos, etc. per individual site needs
  • Build reusable global widgets, rows, and sections to plug into sites
  • Use child themes or starter sites to simplify updates
  • Standardize file/folder naming and template conventions
  • Leverage Fusion Patcher to auto-resolve issues

With smart leveraging of child theming, starter sites, and code organization, running Avada on countless properties needn’t be chaotic. These best practices help streamline site management irrespective of the usage scale.

When Unlimited Websites Demand Unlimited Avada Power!

For web design agencies, developers, and large multi-national organizations running thousands of sites, only Avada’s unlimited licensing can suffice needs.

In these cases, the Enterprise plan is the ultimate solution granting unmatched flexibility. It allows using Avada across unlimited websites while adding Whitelabel permissions, dedicated support channels, and more based on custom needs!

For context, Avada powers global names like FedEx, NBC, Forbes top agencies, and a number of educational institutions where website counts can easily exceed tens of thousands!

So as your own web presence grows to that scale, know that Avada has bespoke offerings to fulfill those unlimited multi-site demands efficiently.

Summing Up the Multiple Websites Scenario

In summary – Avada welcomes and officially supports implementation across as many active websites as your business requires through flexible licensing tiers. You have complete peace of mind to use Avada’s industry-leading toolkit on client sites without legal hurdles.

The top Developer Access pack at $349 makes deploying Avada on unlimited websites a breeze for agencies and freelancers. For even bigger needs, custom Enterprise plans future-proof immense usage scales cost-effectively.

Follow best practices around updates, themes, and code maintenance to seamlessly manage wide deployments. This keeps all your Avada sites humming perfectly!

Over to you – do you use Avada across multiple websites? Let us know your experience with the multi-site licenses and managing updates at scale in the comments!