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how to change logo in avada theme

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How to Easily Change Your Logo in Avada Theme

As one of the most popular WordPress themes ever with over 2 million downloads, Avada gives incredible design flexibility for building professional websites. With its drag-and-drop Fusion Builder, 500+ pre-made templates, and easy customization options, you can create beautiful sites tailored to your brand.

A key way to establish brand familiarity is to feature your logo prominently across all pages. Avada makes changing the logo across layouts simple whether starting fresh or redesigning an existing site.

In this post, we’ll cover how to change your logo in Avada Theme through the setup wizard, theme options, and page builder. Let’s go through each approach.

Getting Started with Avada

Before jumping into changing the logo specifically, let’s quickly ground in Avada’s main benefits if you’re just getting started:

🎨 Professionally Designed Templates – Over 500 pre-made designs for every industry that can be installed and edited in one click. Saves tremendous time.

🔥 Fusion Page Builder – Advanced drag-and-drop editor for visually building pages and overriding templates. Provides infinite design flexibility.

🌐 100% Responsive – Mobile editing controls and responsive elements ensure your site looks fantastic on all device sizes automatically.

⚙️ In-Depth Customization – Change colors, fonts, margins, animations, and more on a site-wide basis through the theme options panel.

These factors make Avada a go-to choice for building high-performing websites with minimal hassle. Now let’s integrate your own logo across the theme.

Approach 1: Use The Setup Wizard

The easiest route is using Avada’s handy setup wizard which launches fresh installs. The wizard walks you through initial theme options like:

🖼 Adding your logo file

🎨 Choosing a color palette

🧩 Selecting a starter site template

⚙️ Specifying key site pages to display

To access the wizard at any point, head to Appearance > Avada Theme > Run the Setup Wizard.

Or on fresh installs, look for the launch prompt right on the backend dashboard.

Within the wizard, upload your logo file when prompted. Avada will automatically apply it site-wide anywhere the logo displays after finishing setup.

For context, common logo inclusion areas by default are:

📲 Header / menu bar placement

💻 Centered logo lockup on the homepage

🔗 Footer logo treatment

This single upload replaces all instances. But you can still tweak sizing and custom placements later.

Approach 2: Via The Theme Options Panel

If manually configuring everything beyond templates, use Avada’s theme options panel to swap logos.

Navigate to Avada > Theme Options and select the Logo section. Here you can upload your main logo file which will now apply network-wide.

Within the logo options, you can also:

🔧 Set maximum logo width
🪄 Enable lazy loading for performance
📐 Adjust top/bottom padding
🖼 Upload alternate logo versions

There are also granular controls for the mobile logo, footer logo, and special dark header logo treatments per page.

Having these multiples allows crafting versions tailored to each integration area rather than a one-size-fits-all logo.

Approach 3: Update Via The Fusion Builder

The Fusion Builder gives incredible flexibility for customizing individual page designs. This extends to logos as well.

When editing any page, toggle to Builder Mode to activate drag-and-drop functionality. Click the settings cog to reveal options for that specific page only.

This includes assets like:

➕ Page title
📸 Cover image
🖼 Logo upload
🔤 Favicon

By uploading a custom logo here, you can override the global theme option to display something different on just this page.

The Fusion Builder powers most Avada functionality. So getting comfortable building within it unlocks greater speed and personalization capabilities.

Swapping logos at the page level takes just a couple of clicks once enabled.

Stand Out With Avada + Logo Authoring

As you can see, re-branding your site with a new or refreshed logo in the Avada theme is simple across various integration methods.

Taking this a step further, explore Avada’s built-in logo authoring tool called Logo Maker. This gives basic design capabilities to create a custom wordmark from right within WordPress without needing Photoshop.

Having your logo instantly recognizable in the header and other areas helps establish brand familiarity and professionalism with visitors. So take advantage of Avada’s flexibility to update yours across templates with ease.

Check out Avada Theme to unlock all these rapid customization tools for your next client project or company site. It provides endless options even for non-designers.

Let me know if you have any other questions on updating logos, leveraging templates, or designing best practices!