De De Pyaar De- Ajay Devgn Trailer Launched

De De Pyaar De- Ajay Devgn Trailer Launched

A trailer of Ajay Devgn’s film, De De Pyaar De, has been launched on Tuesday. Aloknath also played a key role in the film. Aloknath is playing the role of Ajay Devgan’s father in the film. But in the film trailer, people have flocked to see Aloknath. Actually, when the Meteo movement had caught hold of the movement in India a few months ago, some women had made serious allegations of sexually assaulting senior attorney Aloknath. A woman had accused Rape till then.

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#AlokNath is trending on social media. A user wrote in the social media, “Can not believe that he is still working with Aloknath, Bollywood is shameless.”

One user wrote, “I am surprised to see Aloknath in the film.”

One user wrote, “You did not expect this from him. What has happened to Bollywood? Do not you have any ethics left in the people? Should it not be counted in shamelessness? So much love from Aloknath?”
Many such comments are being made in social media by watching the movie trailer of Aloknath. However, the trailer of the movie is also being liked. The acting of Ajay Devgan is being appreciated. Some said that this movie will earn more than half a billion dollars at the box office.

Let’s say that last year Aloknath had produced producer-writer Vita Nanda alleging rap. However, Aloknath had dismissed the allegations of Vinita. Rajpal Yadav News | Top Breaking News Of Rajpal Yadav


While questioning on the cast of Aloknath in the trailer launch event, Ajay Devgn responded immediately and said, “This is not the right time to talk about this. Anyway, this film was shot before Aloknath was charged with the meteor. “

Rakul Prit Singh and Tabu are the sons of Ajay in the film De De Pyaar De Ma. Tabu is where Ajay plays Devgan’s separated wife, while Rakul is in the role of Ajay’s short-lived girlfriend. De De Pyaar De will be released on May 17 this year. Javed Jafri and Jimmy Shergill are also important roles in the film.

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