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How to Get Started with Semrush Free Trial

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Getting up and Running with a Semrush Free Trial

Taking your first steps into Semrush as a new user can feel overwhelming. With so many robust tools at your fingertips, it’s difficult to know where to begin during your 14-day free trial to make the most of it.

This article will walk through the key steps to get set up and leverage essential Semrush features as a first-time user.

Follow our structured guide to quickly get off the ground with your Semrush journey!

Activating Your Free Trial

The first step is signing up for your free 14-day Semrush trial. Simply visit the Semrush website, click on “Sign Up“, and enter your name, work email, and password. Double-check your email inbox for a confirmation link to verify your new account. After clicking to confirm, log into Semrush to access your trial.

Under the billing section, you can confirm your “In Trial” status with 14 days remaining on your free access. With your trial activated, it’s time to start using Semrush’s powerful toolbox to elevate your marketing!

Early Projects to Create

One beauty of Semrush is the ability to organize your work into projects. This keeps data segmented based on particular focuses like websites, groups of keywords, or topics.

In your first few days with Semrush, it’s smart to create projects around:

  • Your website’s domain – Add your URL here to start tracking core metrics over time.
  • Industry research – Create a high-level competitor analysis project.
  • Content pillars – Build a project around a major content theme.

Having these frameworks set up early makes it simple to populate tools with helpful data.

Prioritizing Key Semrush Tools

With so many features available, honing in on a few core Semrush tools to utilize is wise initially. Start familiarizing yourself with these during your 14-day trial:

  • Keyword Magic Tool – Discover new terms and angles to target.
  • Keyword Difficulty Tool – Gauge competition on keywords.
  • Topic Research – Identify content gaps to fill.
  • Site Audit Tool – Evaluate technical SEO aspects.
  • Position Tracking – Monitor keyword ranks.

Learning the fundamentals of these vital tools gives you a solid base to build upon moving forward in Semrush.

Leveraging Interactive Tutorials

Instead of feeling overwhelmed as a new Semrush user, take advantage of their library of short interactive tutorials. These walk you through key features, provide actionable tips, and even suggest data input for practice.

Prioritize tutorials that align with the main tools you want to use like those listed above. This makes retention smooth so when you go to apply what you learned, it sticks! Don’t forget to download the accompanying worksheets as helpful job aids.

Seeking Additional Guidance

While tutorials teach you the basics, you may still have questions during your Semrush free trial. Thankfully, there are amazing customer support options at your disposal!

Reach out via live chat or email to get prompt answers from their stellar team. Consider booking a 1:1 onboarding call as well to discuss your unique goals and how Semrush can help you reach them. This early guidance can prove invaluable in making your first 14 days a big success.

Developing Key Tracking Dashboards

After playing around with various projects and tools, identify a few key reporting dashboards to monitor regularly. Customizing these for metrics that matter most provides an easy way to track progress.

For example, have a main domain dashboard tracking month-over-month changes in rankings, traffic, backlinks, and other vitals. Building early tracking helps cement the use of Semrush’s analytics into your processes.

Maximizing the Trial’s Value

While 14 days goes quickly, you can extract immense value by:

  • Exploring more advanced tools like Backlink Analytics and Content Analyzer to benchmark competitors.
  • Sign up for a relevant webinar or Semrush Academy course to keep learning.
  • syncing Google Analytics and other platforms via integrations to connect data.

Following the steps above, you’ll squeeze every last drop from your short Semrush trial. The insights gained will prove invaluable in assessing if you should invest in a paid plan once the trial period ends.

Wrapping Up Your First 14 Days

As your Semrush free trial nears completion, revisit your early goals and determine if those were met. Review the projects dashboard to see if the tool provided tangible insights and opportunities related to rankings, idea generation, and research.

Additionally, consider what features you haven’t had a chance to test yet. This helps inform potential areas to focus on if you upgrade to a paid Semrush plan to keep expanding your skillset as a user.

And if you decide to just pause after the free trial, no worries! Semrush makes it easy to pick back up right where you left off thanks to robust project organizing and reporting capabilities. Just log back in any time with your credentials ready to get started again in the future.