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How To Import And Export Avada Builder Library Content

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Streamline Your Workflow By Importing And Exporting Avada Content

As the #1-selling multi-purpose WordPress theme globally, Avada packs an unrivaled set of 60+ integrated site-building tools to create professional websites rapidly. Central among these is the Avada Builder Library for saving and reusing elements.

As your library grows over time with rows, columns, images, icons, and custom modules, migrating this content across sites becomes essential. Thankfully, AvadaBuilder facilitates seamlessly importing and exporting library assets across any WordPress install.

In this article, we’ll explore step-by-step methods for efficiently transferring Avada Builder content between sites using built-in import and export functionality. Follow along to learn how to smoothly import and export Avada Builder Library items.

Getting Access To Import/Export Options

The first step lies in locating the actual import and export options within your Avada site’s dashboard. Simply navigate to Avada Builder > Library inside wp-admin.

Next, select the Library Transfer tab. Here you will find separate sections for the Import Library and Export Library with procedures covered next. This is your centralized hub for migrating Avada Builder library assets between sites.

Exporting Avada Builder Content

When ready to move your library assets from an existing site to a new target site, opt for Export. This allows bundling all library items into organized ZIP files for transferring.

To export Avada Builder content:

  1. Select choice of Pages, Columns, Rows, etc under Export Library
  2. Tick items like Global Areas to exclude from export
  3. Click on the Export Library button
  4. Save the downloaded ZIP files securely on your local computer

With a few clicks, your site’s entire polished Avada Builder library gets exported as separate elements and sections of ZIP archives ready for migration to any target location.

Importing Exported Avada Content

Next on the target site follow the 3 simple Import steps:

  1. Access Library Transfer > Import Library
  2. Upload saved exported ZIP files from the old site individually
  3. Click the Import Library button to transfer to the current site

Once uploaded 100%, imported items will appear under Inactive status. Activate elements into appropriate library vertical tabs like Rows, Columns, etc to use across site pages by simply dragging onto new layouts!

Migrating Complete Sites with Backup Plugins

For moving full Avada sites, rather than just library assets, backup plugins speed up transfers. Top options like Duplicator and All-in-One WP Migration handle complete site migration including:

🔁 Content, media, themes and settings

⚙️ Plugin configurations

🛠 Code and database

🚦 Avada license transfer to new URL

Such dedicated backup tools ensure error-free Avada site migration while retaining full Builder library items seamlessly.

Recommended Practices When Transferring Avada Content

Follow these tips for smooth Avada Builder content transfers between installs:

🔃 Test initially using staging sites to understand import behavior

📁 When exporting, uncheck unnecessary generic Global items unless needed

🗃 Retain a consistent file naming convention and folders structure across sites

🔐 Back up current site before prototype large library imports

By smartly importing and exporting reusable Avada assets between sites, building efficiencies can be greatly enhanced. But careful planning and checking for conflicts avoids undo headaches!

Get More Value from Avada Theme

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Equipped with dedicated migration tools plus handy site backup plugins, transferring accumulated Avada Builder library assets between sites or even whole site instances becomes a breeze. Simply follow the export, transport, and import steps covered here while adopting smart precautions.

Soon you’ll be replicating and scaling complete sites faster with Avada’s vast array of polished blocks and layouts that can be imported and rearranged in all new ways!

Have you imported or exported Avada Builder content before? Let us know if you have any other tips for successfully transferring Avada library assets across WordPress installs!