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how to integrate getresponse with clickfunnels

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How to Seamlessly Integrate GetResponse with ClickFunnels

Using ClickFunnels to build high-converting sales funnels and GetResponse for advanced email marketing automation are no-brainer choices for serious online businesses. But did you know you can combine them to take your lead gen and profits to the next level?

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore the reasons and methods for integrating GetResponse with ClickFunnels to skyrocket the results from both platforms. Let’s get started!


ClickFunnels simplifies creating optimized pages and complex funnel flows to turn website visitors into leads and customers. GetResponse complements this by allowing you to easily create email sequences that nurture subscribers into buying.

Together, they remove the need for any other marketing software – providing complete solutions from attracting visitors to closing sales.

By integrating GetResponse with ClickFunnels, you can:

✅ Automatically add funnel opt-ins as email subscribers
✅ Trigger autoresponder sequences when someone completes a funnel
✅ Track funnel performance and revenue generated by email campaigns
✅ Create targeted email sequences based on funnel behaviors
✅ Quickly replicate funnels for new email segments for higher conversions

In this guide, you’ll learn:

🚪 How ClickFunnels and GetResponse work together
📝 Step-by-step integration process
🗃️ Setting up funnel-based automations
💡 Tips to maximize results after integrating

Let’s get started with the powerful pairing of GetResponse and ClickFunnels!

How ClickFunnels and GetResponse Work Better Together Before we get into the integration setup, it’s important to understand how ClickFunnels and GetResponse complement each other.

As a quick refresher:

ClickFunnels simplifies building optimized pages and complex funnel flows to convert visitors into leads and customers.

GetResponse makes it easy to create email marketing campaigns, autoresponders, and advanced behavioral automation to turn subscribers into loyal brand advocates.

By combining them, you can use ClickFunnels funnels to attract targeted visitors and convert them into high-intent leads using opt-in bribes.

Then automatically pass these leads to GetResponse to put them into personalized email sequences that convert at much higher rates.

You can also create dedicated funnels based on subscriber behaviors in GetResponse and replicate funnel templates for specific segments with one click.

Together, ClickFunnels and GetResponse create a complete lead generation and conversion optimization system that skyrockets sales.

Step-by-Step Guide to ClickFunnels and GetResponse Integration

Here is the full process for linking your ClickFunnels account with GetResponse to kickoff seamless lead and revenue growth:

✅ 1. Install the GetResponse App in ClickFunnels

Log in to your ClickFunnels account and navigate to the App Store section. Search for ‘GetResponse’ and click Install to link it to your account. This connects ClickFunnels with the GetResponse API.

✅ 2. Connect ClickFunnels With the GetResponse Account

Next, you need to connect your GetResponse account. Click on the user icon → Manage Integrations → Click on GetResponse. Now login to your GetResponse account to sync it.

3. Set Up Two-Way Sync

You can enable two-way contact sync to automatically pass new subscribers from ClickFunnels to GetResponse contacts and vice versa. Just toggle on this setting.

4. Map Opt-In Funnel Fields

The map that forms fields from your opt-in funnels should pass data to associated GetResponse contact fields like first name, last name, and email.

5. Trigger GetResponse Sequences

Finally, create automation rules to trigger specific GetResponse email sequences when a ClickFunnels funnel is completed.

And done! Activity in ClickFunnels and GetResponse will now automatically sync both ways. Next let’s see how we can utilize this integration for even better results.

Unlocking More Value with ClickFunnels and GetResponse Together

Here are some powerful ways to utilize GetResponse and ClickFunnels together beyond basic contact syncing and sequencing:

📝 Create Dedicated Email Funnels

Design custom ClickFunnels funnels specifically for your GetResponse segments for higher conversions. Send them to specific sequences directly from pop-ups and landing pages.

🎯 Dynamic Personalization

Use GetResponse contact tagging and custom field data for dynamic personalization in ClickFunnels pages and email subject lines for 5X higher open rates.

🔁 Funnel-Based Triggers Trigger

GetResponse sequences are not just based on opt-ins but other funnel events like registrations, product purchases, content downloads, etc.

🚦 Lead Scoring Integration

Pass lead score data from GetResponse into ClickFunnels for smarter funnel logic and send updated scores back automatically.

Time-Based Sequences

Integrate ClickFunnels order bumps and upsells with time or activity-based GetResponse sequences for extended customer lifetime value.

As you can see, integration possibilities are truly endless!

Let’s wrap up with some tips for smooth app integration.

Recommendations for Flawless Integrations

Follow these best practices for ensuring your GetResponse ↔️ ClickFunnels integration keeps working flawlessly:

💽 Back Up Funnels

Take full backups of existing funnels before linking apps and making major changes. Use the inbuilt ClickFunnels backup tools.

🔐 Secure Accounts

Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication wherever possible to prevent unauthorized access and data leaks.

🗃️ Create Dedicated Sequences

Build new GetResponse sequences for funnel segments instead of adding them to existing ones to prevent subscriber confusion.

📊 Setup Tracking Metrics

Clearly define goals, measurement parameters, and expected outcomes from the start for objective optimization.

📆 Schedule Review

Diarize a bi-weekly or monthly review meeting to assess performance, identify bottlenecks for tweaks, and maintain accountability.

🚨 Monitor Notification

Enable app notifications to receive alerts in case of Cron errors, sync failures, or unexpected behavior for timely fixes.

Following these tips will ensure your GetResponse and ClickFunnels integration runs like clockwork while taking your business growth to new heights!

Conclusion – Achieve Marketing Automation Success

As we’ve explored in this guide, integrating GetResponse’s advanced email marketing platform with the funnel-building prowess of ClickFunnels can massively amplify your customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Some of the key benefits include:

✅ Streamlined lead capture and management
✅ Personalized communication at scale
✅ Higher funnel conversion rates
✅ Complete sales journey automation
✅ Easy custom integration based on goals

So go ahead, and try integrating GetResponse with your ClickFunnels account today. Just install the app from the store, connect accounts, enable two-way sync, and create targeted sequences to see your profits soar!

What are you waiting for? Skyrocket your online business growth right now with the perfect combination of ClickFunnels and GetResponse.