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Is Hostinger safe and legit

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Finding secure, reliable web hosting is essential for operating any website. Between server downtimes, potential data breaches, and poor support responsiveness, the wrong hosting can create headaches that hamper growth. With so many options to choose from, it becomes difficult evaluating new companies like Hostinger that offer tempting deals for hosting services.

As an emerging player in the hosting market, is Hostinger safe and legitimate alongside more established brands? Or will you risk running into serious problems that Outpace any cost savings?

By reviewing Hostinger holistically across key areas like security, uptime, and customer support, we can better analyze their reliability and trustworthiness for hosting your website.

Let’s dive in to decide whether Hostinger delivers on safety and legitimacy or falls short like some other discount providers.

Assessing Hostinger’s Core Security Protections

With data breaches growing commonplace even among large tech companies, reviewing a host’s security must be a top priority. How does Hostinger implement core security measures to protect client data and accounts?

Hostinger physically locates servers across 5 data centers in the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. Spreading infrastructure globally mitigates potential regional service issues. The facilities additionally feature 24/7 manned security requiring fingerprint-based access to servers.

For data protection, Hostinger encrypts all FTP traffic using TLS 1.2 2048-bit algorithm minimizing risks from intercepted communications. They also enable HTTP Strict Transport Security across their network requiring connections only occur over HTTPS.

Hostinger leverages Cloudflare at the edge of its infrastructure for DDoS mitigation against infrastructure attacks. This shields sites behind Hostinger IP addresses from bandwidth spamming. They also provide Cloudflare Spectrum services for hiding origin IPs to protect from server targeting.

What About Server Uptime and Reliability?

Alongside security safeguards, a hosting company needs robust server uptime averaging over 99.9% monthly availability. How does Hostinger perform?

Hostinger guarantees 99.9% uptime in their Service Level Agreement (SLA). To track performance, the company displays real-time server status updates and calculates monthly uptime transparently through its site’s public status page.

Over the past 6 months, Hostinger’s global infrastructure met 99.99% average uptime excluding scheduled maintenance downtimes each month. This surpasses their SLA commitments to clients for keeping infrastructure reliably online.

While no host remains immune from potential issues affecting uptime, Hostinger’s recent consistency and transparency around their reliability provide confidence in server-side availability.

What about Support Experience and Responsiveness?

Even with strong security and uptime, website owners inevitably need timely support when unexpected issues emerge. Effective customer service becomes vital for managing problems without excessive downtimes. How does Hostinger’s support hold up?

Hostinger provides 24/7 customer support across phone, chat, tickets, and through their online knowledge base resources. The company notes that support response times average under 10 minutes for any inquiry. Customers can easily track open tickets within their Hostinger account dashboard allowing follow-up if responses appear stalled.

Review sites like Trustpilot reveal mostly positive recent experiences from Hostinger support customers. Clients mention friendly, attentive personnel responding rapidly to troubleshoot issues both big and small. Whilst no support team connects perfectly with every customer, Hostinger appears to meet expectations around support reasonably well.

What are Key Legitimacy or Trust Concerns to Consider?

Like any company offering low-cost hosting services, prospective customers may rightly approach Hostinger with skepticism about whether the quality lives up to promises. What, if any, are the notable complaints or concerns flagged by past Hostinger customers?

The most serious past issues involved cyber attacks and intrusions accessing some Hostinger servers in 2015 and 2018. However, the company responded with mandatory password changes, and infrastructure hardening, and worked transparently with customers documenting investigations into lapses that enabled the breaches. These cases appear more reflective of Hostinger’s earlier growth pains rather than ongoing risks.

Aside from those past security events, Hostinger garners few critical complaints today regarding uptime, support, or key aspects of reliability. Naturally some clients experience isolated issues – like bandwidth usage overages on lower-tier shared hosting plans. However, Hostinger acts reasonably resolving account disputes or allowing plan downgrades when usage limits trigger unintended higher charges for customers.

Making the Final Call: Is Hostinger Legit and Safe?

Hostinger entered the market competing as a budget hosting provider but grew past many peers by investing in robust infrastructure, security protections, and customer support capabilities. Whilst the company weathered early growing pains from intrusion vulnerabilities, they responded commendably with strengthened controls minimizing risks today for clients.

By all key measures around site availability, protective measures, and customer service responsiveness, Hostinger delivers on claims offering legitimate, safe hosting for most personal to enterprise website needs. Are they the right choice over more premium options? That depends on your budget, site traffic, and specific requirements.

But behind the deals, Hostinger appears reliably meeting core promises to customers – validating their offering’s legitimacy versus shadier cut-rate providers that frequently miss expectations around hosting dependability.

If the cost savings appeal to your situation, their shortcomings seem safe in the past. Don’t let former stigma outweigh how far Hostinger now goes meeting key pillars of trust and site security that matter most for choosing any host. Ready to give them an honest try? You can safely judge Hostinger’s quality for yourself by starting with one of their low-cost hosting plans today.