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Is it safe to buy domain from Hostinger india

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When starting a new website or moving your online presence, one of the most important decisions is choosing the right domain name.

The domain acts as the digital real estate for your brand, helping customers find and remember you online. Just as crucial as selecting your domain is picking the ideal registrar to actually buy and manage it.

As domain registrars grow increasingly competitive in India, Hostinger stands out as a top option with affordable pricing. However, as an emerging player compared to incumbents like Godaddy or Bigrock, you may wonder – is Hostinger reliable and safe for buying your domain?

In this post, we’ll explore the key factors to evaluate the safety and security of using Hostinger as your domain registrar in India.

By the end, you’ll understand the risks and make an informed choice on whether Hostinger meets your needs for purchasing and controlling your online domains.

Understanding Domain Registrar Safety

Before evaluating Hostinger specifically, it helps to understand the general factors that make a domain registrar considered safe and reliable in India:

  • Domain Ownership and Control – A secure registrar makes transferring domain ownership easy through your account dashboard if you decide to switch registrars in the future.
  • DNS and Settings Access – You retain access to update nameservers and DNS settings for pointing your domain as desired for a website or email hosting.
  • Registrant Data Protection – A registrar should offer domain privacy options and ensure the protection of your personal details from public view.
  • Uptime and Availability – Choose a registrar with strong domain and customer interface uptime so you can consistently manage domains as needed.
  • Trust and Reviews – Positive reviews from Indian customers demonstrate local users trust the registrar for domain purchases without major issues.

Evaluating How Hostinger Measures Up

Keeping those factors for a reliable, safe domain registrar in mind, how does Hostinger stack up? Hostinger enters India after serving over 29 million global users and managing over 8 million active domains worldwide.

The company’s growth shows Hostinger domains are certainly popular globally, but let’s explore specifically how they perform safety for Indian customers:

Easy Domain Ownership and Control

Purchasing domains on Hostinger provides complete ownership to buyers where you fully control that digital asset. Instead of lengthy contracts, domains renew on an annual basis which you can cancel directly through your Hostinger account at any time without penalties.

The dashboard also simplifies transferring domains away to another registrar. Following standard domain transfer protocols, Hostinger unlocks domains upon a transfer request which you can easily receive at any comparable registrar. This makes splitting from Hostinger seamless if you ever wish to switch.

DNS Flexibility and Customization Access

Through the Hostinger control panel, users have full access to update name servers and DNS records for domains. This allows pointing your domains to desired hosting companies by entering new nameservers if you use a separate hosting provider from Hostinger.

Users also customize sub-domains and edit Zone Records to set up domain forwarding or integrate email and other services as needed.

Protection of Registrant Information

A concern when registering any domain is having private personal data exposed publicly through WHOIS lookups. Hostinger offers free WHOIS domain privacy to hide your name, address, and phone details from public view.

Instead, the Hostinger’s data shows giving you anonymity and protecting your information from scrapers or spammers.

Reliable Uptime for Management

Hostinger commits to 99.9% domain uptime with their nameservers, meaning your domains stay available for management through their system 99.9% of the time each month.

In the unlikely event of any maintenance downtimes, Hostinger schedules these to minimize impact and keeps customers informed ahead of time. Their status page tracks any global issues occurring across their platform for full transparency.

Positive Local Indian User Reviews Hostinger entered India in 2018 and has accelerated local growth through affordable prices and strong service standards for Indian customers specifically.

Across reviews on Indian tech and web hosting forums like WebHostingTalk, Hostinger earns praise for call-center support responsiveness alongside transparent pricing without surprise renewals. Indian users highlight reliability in domain management and no lagging performance even on cheaper shared hosting plans.

Are There Any Key Hostinger Domain Safety Risks?

No company is completely immune from security issues or customer problems, so are there any key areas of concern to consider from Hostinger’s services based on past issues reported?

In 2020, Hostinger suffered a major security breach exposing 14 million customer passwords globally due to improper data storage internally. However, Hostinger responded quickly informing all customers, forcing password resets across user accounts. They also further updated infrastructure and security protocols to prevent any repeat of this failure.

Beyond that previous incident, Hostinger’s scale does mean some customers inevitably have account or billing disputes occasionally. Yet Hostinger seems to resolve most issues with refunds or account support. Their overall trust and satisfaction levels remain very positive among Indian users specifically.

Making the Final Decision: Is Hostinger Safe for Your Domain?

Evaluating the evidence, Hostinger does provide a reliable, safe domain registration experience meeting the criteria Indian buyers should prioritize around ownership control, DNS flexibility, registrant privacy protections, and management uptime.

They stumbled upon a serious data breach in 2020. However, their response and strengthened security measures since have shown a capability to learn and enhance protections for customers to prevent issues from reoccurring. No registrar will be perfectly immune from isolated problems but Hostinger has demonstrated a commitment to education and adaptation when issues inevitably emerge occasionally at their global scale.

Combined with some of the most budget-friendly domain pricing among leading Indian registrars, Hostinger presents an appealing option for buying your domains without sacrificing key ownership rights, security, or support response.

Ultimately, you must align Hostinger’s capabilities and experience with your personal risk tolerance and specific domain needs in India. Assess all registrars beyond just Hostinger to determine the right provider matching your unique requirements. But among budget-focused buyers prioritizing affordability alongside security, Hostinger is certainly rising rapidly among the most trusted and recommended players in the Indian domain registration market.