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Rajpal Yadav, who returned from the punishment, said – people misused my trust. Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav was released in late February after spending a jail sentence in not paying the loan. After cutting the jail sentence, Rajpal now openly talks. Rajpal said that he trusted some people, but he misused his trust. He is now recovering from difficulties and is excited to return to films and start shooting.

In a conversation with IANS, Rajpal Yadav said, “I believe that I believed some people who later took advantage of it, but I do not want to say anything else on this. I just want to move forward because I know I will get much more from life now. “

Rajpal Yadav said, “I think the law is equal to everyone and no one can escape the law of the country (Indian Law), so I followed the order of the court. A jail was a very difficult discipline and all of us had to follow it. I tried to talk to him. I used to lecture, I used to exercise in the morning, there was a library where I used to sit and read.

Rajpal Yadav

These are the projects

Rajpal said, “I will soon start shooting for Time to Dance film. The shooting of the film has happened in foreign countries and now just a few pieces of shooting are left. We’ll finish him. Apart from this, I am also finishing ‘Zako Rakha Siyas’. Talking with David Dhawan and Priyadarshan is also going on. I’m no longer dependent on the film set. “

Let us say that in November 2018, the Delhi High Court had sentenced Rajpal to three months in prison for not paying a loan to a company. The actor had taken a loan of Rs 5 crore from a company to make a film in 2010.

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