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how to reinstall avada theme

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If you’re using the ever-popular Avada theme for your WordPress website, you may find yourself needing to reinstall it from time to time.

A theme reinstallation can help fix issues, upgrade to the latest version, or simply give your site a fresh start.

The Avada theme makes the reinstallation process quick and straightforward.

This guide will walk you through the steps for smoothly reinstalling Avada in a few minutes.

Why Reinstall Avada Theme

There are a few key reasons you may want or need to reinstall the Avada theme:

  • Site Issues – If your website starts having problems or Avada stops working properly, reinstalling can wipe the slate clean. Often a fresh install resolves glitches.
  • Upgrades – When a new version of Avada comes out, reinstalling is an easy way to upgrade. It ensures all files get replaced.
  • Change Hosts – When changing web hosts, a reinstallation makes sure the theme integrates properly with the new server environment.
  • Start Fresh – Even without specific issues, resetting your site by reinstalling Avada can tidy up files and return settings to defaults.

Back-Up Your Website

Before reinstalling Avada or making any major change, it’s crucial to back up your entire WordPress site. This guarantees you don’t lose any valuable content or data. Use a robust plugin like UpdraftPlus to:

  • Backup all website files and databases
  • Download backups to store locally or remotely
  • Restore quickly if anything gets lost

With a reliable backup in place, you can proceed with reinstalling Avada at no risk.

Deactivate Avada Theme

Start by logging into your WordPress dashboard and navigating to Appearance > Themes. Locate the Avada theme and click on Deactivate. This prevents any conflicts from having the theme active during reinstallation.

Delete Avada Theme

Next, delete the Avada theme:

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, choose Themes
  2. Hover over the Avada theme and click the Delete link
  3. Click Yes to confirm deleting Avada

This removes all theme files and clears the way for a clean reinstallation.

Important: If you have customized Avada options, back them up first or take screenshots. Deletion wipes all settings.

Download the Latest Avada Version

Now you’ll want to download the newest Avada theme file:

  1. Go to ThemeForest and login
  2. Navigate to your Avada downloads
  3. Click “Download Latest Version” even if seemingly the same
  4. Save .zip file to your computer

Using the latest copy guarantees compatibility and fixes any bugs.

Upload & Install Avada

To continue reinstalling Avada:

  1. Return to your WordPress dashboard Themes page
  2. Click Add New
  3. Click Upload Theme near the top
  4. Select saved Avada .zip file and click Install Now
  5. Click Activate once upload completes

That’s all it takes to unpack and activate a fresh Avada theme.

Configure Avada Theme

Almost done. With the theme reinstalled, the last step is to reconfigure Avada’s settings and options if needed:

  • Fusion Builder – Enable/Disable plus Global Settings
  • Design Options – Colors, Headers, Logo etc
  • Advanced Options – Performance, SEO etc
  • Widgets – Restore any sidebar widgets
  • Menu Locations – Assign navigation menus


Reinstalling the popular Avada WordPress theme is quick and easy while solving many potential issues. Just remember to back up your site first and reconfigure theme options later.

In a few minutes, you can have Avada cleanly reset, updated to the latest version, working flawlessly, or integrated with a new host. With this straightforward reinstallation process, the robust Avada theme will have your website looking better than ever.