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What is the use of whip button in Sujata juicer

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Sujata juicers are equipped with a dedicated whip button to effectively handle whipping tasks. This article explores the purpose and functioning of the whip button provided in Sujata juicers. So let us read more about What is the use of whip button in Sujata juicer?

So, What is the use of whip button in Sujata juicer?

So according to this What is the use of whip button in Sujata juicer? article, The whip button is specially designed for whipping fluid ingredients like cream, eggs, batter, liquidized food, etc. It introduces air into the ingredients to give a light, fluffy texture. The whip button activates select blades that churn at high speeds within the liquidizing jar creating this airy consistency.

Why Do Sujata Juicers Have a Separate Whip Button?

Here are some reasons why Sujata juicers provide a distinct whip button instead of just the regular speed function:

Optimized Blade Action

Sujata juicers are equipped with uniquely designed whipping blades. The whipping button rotates these specialty blades at their optimal speed for air incorporation.

Prevent Overprocessing

The dedicated whip button allows precise control over the whipping operation. Over-whipping can negatively impact consistency and texture.

Retain Nutrients

The whip function is calibrated keeping ingredients’ sensitivity in mind for gentler processing to maximize retention of nutrients.

Handsfree Operation

The whip button enables handsfree whipping, unlike manual methods. This gives even results without constant user intervention.

Key Purposes of the Whip Button in Sujata Juicers

The whip button facilitates the following functions:

Whipping Cream

The whip button with its specialized blades effectively whips all types of cream to soft or stiff peaks for use in desserts, baked goods, or as toppings.

Preparing Mousses

It aerates dairy, eggs, and fruit purees smoothly to make fluffy, light mousses puddings and compotes.

Beating Eggs

Eggs can be rapidly aerated using the whip button to make omelets, scrambled eggs or egg-based batters light and voluminous.

Emulsifying Dressings

It smoothly mixes and emulsifies oil and vinegar to prepare stabilized vinaigrettes and salad dressings.

Aerating Batters

Cake, pancake, or tempura batters can be quickly aerated for fluffiness using the whip button prior to cooking.

How to Use the Whip Button in Sujata Juicers

Follow these steps to correctly use the whip button for different ingredients:

For Cream

  • Chill cream well before whipping
  • Add sugar if sweetened cream is desired
  • Whip on bursts using the whip button checking the consistency
  • Do not over-whip or it can curdle and separate

For Egg Whites

  • Ensure no yolk or fat is present in whites
  • Use room temperature or slightly warm whites
  • Whip on medium bursts to form stiff, glossy peaks

For Batters

  • Prepare base batter consistency before whipping
  • Add raising agents like baking powder if included in recipe
  • Whip using whip button till small bubbles are visible

For Purées

  • Use ripe, sweet fruit purées for best results
  • Strain purées if texture is too coarse
  • Whip briefly using whip button to aerate
  • Do not over-whip or texture can break down

Benefits of the Whip Button in Sujata Juicers

Here are some notable advantages of using the whip button for whipping tasks:

Time Savings

The whip button significantly minimizes whipping times whether making a mousse from scratch or simply whipping some cream.

Consistent Results

It delivers reliable, even whipping every time for recipes that need aerated ingredients like soufflés or omelets.

Minimal Effort

The hands-free operation reduces physical effort compared to manual whisking methods.

Multi-Purpose Tool

The whip button eliminates the need for other specialized tools only for whipping purposes.


It is easy to operate the whip button even for beginners whether making a quick dessert or breakfast.

Comparison Table of Whip Button Equipped Models

Model Motor Power Specialized Whipping Blade Overload Protection
Maxima Plus 900 watts Yes Yes
Icon Dlx 750 watts Yes Yes
Domestic 900 watts Yes Yes

Key Takeaways

  • Sujata juicers offer a distinct whip button for whipping ingredients smoothly
  • It enables optimized blade speeds, prevents overprocessing, retains nutrients
  • Key whipping uses include whipping dairy, aerating batters, preparing mousses
  • Steps are provided to use it correctly whether whipping cream, eggs, or purées
  • Benefits like time savings, consistency, and effort minimization make it useful
  • Higher wattage models like Maxima Plus, Icon Dlx, and Domestic offer whip buttons

Conclusion About What Is The Use Of Whip Button In Sujata Juicer

So as guided in this What Is The Use Of Whip Button In Sujata Juicer? article, the specialized whip button is a useful inclusion in Sujata juicers. It takes care of whipping needs from cocktail garnishes to baking prep efficiently. With the right technique, even a beginner can handle whipping tasks like a pro with this thoughtful feature. So utilizing the whip button’s aeration abilities can give delightful results with minimal effort.